Loyal Oak HANDS (Help and Need Distribution Service) is my effort at supporting people who are in need, giving back to society, advocating for charity, and supporting legitimate fundraising campaigns.

Joy Lynskey is one of the kindest souls with whom I have ever had the honor of speaking. After losing her husband to suicide on 9 April 2021, Joy has faced the enormous weight of financial issues in the form of medical bills from a cardiologist, heating and electricity for her home, and general living and transportation costs. Joy has a heart condition and she has far from adequate insurance.  Joy’s immediate needs are food, gas, and about 900 dollars owed to her cardiologist since her husband’s suicide.

Please check out Joy Lynskey’s funding campaign HERE.

*John Alan is not the organizer of this funding campaign.

John Alan's Work in Progress

I am an author in the process of writing my memoir. I want to share my writing with you, before the editing process and before I am even finished writing my book.

I want to read to you and for you.