How to Create Joy in Your Life with Self Care & Self Compassion – ep. 184 with my guest Lexie Koren

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Lexie Koren is a Sex Therapist and Creativity Coach who works with Souls who are feeling stuck and struggling with confidence. She helps them find their voice and restore their ability to play so that they can step into their power and walk their path confidently with passion and purpose. She is a certified Sexologist, holds a master’s degree in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy, is a trained actress, international bestselling author, and visual artist, as well as a certified Spiritual Advisor. She combines decades of expertise and international practice in the creative field to bring people a bespoke, dynamic, and joyful experience of inspiration and transformation, whether through her workshops, performances, or multilingual consultancy. Lexie is currently based just outside Oslo, the capital of Norway, where she enjoys the peaceful nature that is a short scenic train ride away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city. She works in English, Norwegian, and Spanish. You can buy her book CREATING JOY at her website or on Amazon HERE.  Lexie’s in-person book launch is on 22 June in cooperation with HerSpace. Go to for details.






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