22 June 2023

How Can We Mentor Our Sons?

How do you mentor your son(s)? There are many ways, and I would like to share one form of mentoring with you.

As I have experienced for over forty years, physical training is an excellent path to improved physical, emotional, and mental health.

The process of properly training my body has brought me:

  1. self-discipline
  2. humility
  3. an inspiration to erase limitations
  4. awareness of how important it is to set realistic goals

Of course, all that gym time and all of the accomplishments while competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting have given me above-average physical strength.

More importantly, I have incorporated those physical accomplishments into mental and emotional strengthening that I readily apply to my day-to-day life.

The process has made me a better father, husband, artist, and friend, and I want a similar opportunity for my son as well.

He is ready, and so we have been training together for these past two weeks.

For my son, the lessons flow as his sweat flows. When we train, I facilitate the presentation of lessons about goals, limits, fortitude, expectations, humility, and much more.

Training with my son has put me on my game like I haven’t been in a while. I’m his example, and as I teach him in my gym, I am reinforcing things for myself.

We laugh a lot. We bond. He asks and I answer. I push him, and I see the changes in him already. Also, I feel the change upon me.

Fathers and mothers: How do you mentor your sons? This is only one way, and I suggest it as an avenue to mentoring. You will strengthen your father-son bond.

Let me know what you think.

I spoke about this in a podcast episode. You can listen to it on Spotify HERE or view it on Youtube HERE

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- John Alan

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