A Conversation About Race and Racism, Two Different Things. Episode 113 with my guest Robert Gray

Is it difficult for a white American and a black American to have a conversation about race, and is it even more difficult when the conversation is about racism? Robert Gray and I prove during this podcast episode that it is, in fact, quite easy to have those conversations. Race and racism are two separate (but related) issues and discussions, which demand different approaches when being discussed or debated.

Does everyone in the USA have a little bit of a racist in their character? Robert and I touch on different aspects of the dialogue about race relations, as we share our thoughts on structural and institutional racism. Robert and I both agree and disagree on this issue, and we go in depth during one of the best discussion I have had in some time. Listen in and watch our interesting two-sided take on a few topics that occupy a lot of space in American news media and in American culture.

Robert Gray is the producer, director, writer and editor of the 2014 film MOBILE IN BLACK AND WHITE, which takes a look at the ways in which racism continues to pervade the structures and institutions of a supposedly post-racial world. This film stimulates the desire for dialogue, while expertly blending the insights and experiences of local residents and leading experts such as Peggy McIntosh, Michael Eric Dyson, John Powell, Tim Wise, and Bryan Stevenson.

You can watch MOBILE IN BLACK AND WHITE here: https://mobileinblackandwhite.org/resources/

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