Crypto Currency is Accessible: Episode 116 with my guest Inia James

How do you start investing/using crypto currency and blockchain? The answer, is quite simply to just DECIDE TO GET STARTED. Of course, the process can be easier if you have guidance, and I think that this episode of The Comin’ Home Podcast With John Alan shows why Inia James can be the one to help you and me get started. NFT technology is emerging as a way for artists and musicians to take control over their own artistic destiny, and it is what first got me interested in the subject of today’s podcast episode. We talk about how Inia got started crypto currency, his successes and what his experiences can do for others who are looking to get started with crypto currency. We also brainstorm a discussion on how crypto currency and blockchain can be used to solve real world problems for real people. Inia James is a filmmaker. He also teaches an introductory course for those who wish to begin with crypto currency and blockchain. You can find him all over social media at @IniaJames.

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