Ep.123 with my guest Ka Man Mak: Diversity in Journalism & Constructive Journalism at The Oslo Desk

Constructive journalism is an emerging domain within journalism that is slowly getting grounded within academia and involves the field of communication that is based around reporting solution-focused news, instead of revolving only around negative and conflict-based stories. The idea behind constructive journalism is to give stories more context and make the consumer of the news more intelligent. Constructive journalism gives more background and also reports on what is going well, so that people are more able to create a realistic view of the world. With constructive journalism, the journalist also addresses what the consumer can do with the information, such as how they might take action on the issue, instead of only reporting the issues.

Ka Man Mak is a U.K. expat and investigative reporter living in Norway. She is the Founder of The Oslo Desk and Head of Communications at Ogoori. The Oslo Desk is the only constructive journalism media that creates diverse stories for all people of all backgrounds in Norway, and advocates for diversity in journalism. Ogoori is a Norwegian ocean impact startup that captures stories of humanity’s action in coastal cleanups and supplies the market with 100% Ownerless Ocean Plastic Granulate.



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