Episode 107: February 12 2021Solo Surprise

Today I talk about the passing of legendary producer Elliot Mazer. He produced albums for Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, Janis Joplin and my good friend Øystein Remme. Yep, I had the great honor of working side by side with Elliot on Øystein’s country album project (I wrote the lyrics for the whole album).

Also today: I have several friends who have just released their individual singles. They are Elin Eggen, Rudi Remme and Hans Cato Kristiansen. I talk about my relationship with each of them and their music, which you can find on Spotify, iTunes and everywhere you find music. I also share my thoughts on how I feel that we have our own Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter commune and musical collective here in our area of Norway.

Lastly, I talk about how I was kicked out (?) of the hospital yesterday on the eve of my neuro-surgery.

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