Episode 109: February 21 2020 How To Stay Majestic

Well, after a hasty surgery on my neck, I am far from on my feet, but I did manage to drag myself to the mic and check in with you good people.  I talk about my hospital experience, and the last thing that I heard the anesthesiologist say before I was knocked out.

I am battered, but not broken. I am down but not out. For me, it is very important to remember that setting and achieving goals teaches perseverance through adversity. I will “get my life back”, as I put it in this episode.

Have a listen, and get an idea of what I have planned for my future. Be optimal and MAJESTIC in all aspects of life.

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John Alan's Work in Progress

I am an author in the process of writing my memoir. I want to share my writing with you, before the editing process and before I am even finished writing my book.

I want to read to you and for you.