Episode 11: April 18 2020 with guest Rick Donnette U.S. Army Sergeant First Class

Rick Donnette is the Human Performace Office NCOIC (Non-commissioned Officer In Charge) of the U.S. Army Tactical Athlete Performance Center (TAPC), and is a Master Performance Trainer at that facility. He is an integral part of the team that is responsible for re-shaping the U.S. Army’s concept of military fitness. John Alan talks with Sergeant First Class Donnette about the importance of fitness longevity as opposed to looking for short term fitness, the difference between training and working out, and answers some questions that the Sergeant First Class asks in reference to John Alan’s powerlifting, training and recovery methods. They also talk about life goals and their opinions on the state of America’s younger generations. John Alan tries to steer the podcast in such a way that Sergeant First Class Rick Donnette calls John Alan “sir” at least ten times.


John Alan's Work in Progress

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