Episode 114 with my guest Snoopy

Are you following the trial concerning the death of George Floyd? Many people all over the world are following this case, and Snoopy and I share a few thoughts. No matter where you stand on the case concerning the death of George Floyd, can we agree that nine minutes and twenty nine seconds is way too long for an officer to restrict a man’s breathing?

It’s been a tough and different kind of life these past thirteen months, and today Snoopy and I talk about the ways in which people have struggled in different ways over this difficult past year, and what the respective governments in the USA and Norway can and should do for their citizens. Is Norway really as good as the image that they portray? Is the USA as bad off as what people outside of the nation’s borders think?

I always have the most fun with my podcast when I have Snoopy here as my guest. I had a great time doing this episode today, even though her Norwegian practicality make it very hard for me to make jokes at her expense. I tried. She did compliment me on my coolness as I rock a cowboy hat and the beginnings of a western goatee in the studio today. I wore it in tribute to Bass Reeves, the original and only true Lone Ranger. I also give a nod to American standup comedian Godfrey, who has created a very interesting black cowboy character and features that character regularly on his Instagram page. Read more on Bass Reeves here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bass_Re…

P.S. The original cowboys were black Americans. Yeehaw, y’all. https://johnalanpod.com/





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