Episode 115 with my guest Lisa McEwen

Do you want to find success and personal growth? Follow a dream from Ontario, Canada to the country music scene of Nashville, and reach new heights in the process. Well, there are several ways to extend oneself and grow in knowledge and life-relevant ability, but this is how country music singer and songwriter Lisa McEwen did it. Join me as she tells her quite adventurous story of traveling from her hometown in Canada to Nashville with a dream, confidence and good support from her family. Please listen to the end, and find out what this journey did for her. Publishing deal? Success? Lessons learned?

Much of what Lisa and I talk about can be relevant to not only musicians and songwriters, but also people outside of the music world. Lisa McEwen shares her story and her concept of “Music and Mindfulness”, both of which parallell my thought process, my methods of training powerlifting, and meeting my goals in that sport. (Yet again I feel a sort of kinship with my guest!) There are many ways to realize inner peace and productivity, and Lisa and I compare our thoughts and ideas on that, as well as talk about the importance of and potential effects of meditation and/or prayer. The word POTENTIAL and its synonyms come up often during this podcast episode.

Today, Lisa continues to write and perform her music, and her latest single RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS can be found on Spotify here and at her music website here

Lisa also offers a course which teaches you three steps to mindful songwriting. Check it out here








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