Episode 126 with my guest Mario Vitalis: Successful Urban Farming in the Face of Adversity

Is it possible to be a successful farmer in an urban environment, (in this case Indianapolis, Indiana)? You bet it is! Mario Vitalis is living proof of that. I truly enjoyed this conversation in which Mario tells the story of his family’s rise from their struggles as sharecroppers in the Jim Crow South, and forward in time to when his grandfather inspired him to not give up on his dream of becoming an urban farmer. Mario’s story of his requirement to go “above and beyond” what should have been necessary in order to get financing from the USDA Farm Services Agency will inspire anyone who knows what it is like to dream and put in the work that one must do in order to live that dream and be successful.

Check out what Mario is doing with his farming business “New Age Provisions” at the link below.

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