Episode 64: August 30 2020 with guest Rick Kirkham

#RickKirkham is a freelance journalist who also works for the newspaper Bodø Nu. He and I talk about journalistic integrity, addiction, and the making of the 2006 documentary #TVJunkie, which is taken from thousands of hours of video that Rick originally had filmed for his private video diary. The documentary chronicles an emotional and turbulent period of Rick’s life, focusing on the seven years in which he and his family struggled with his addiction to crack cocaine. He is also featured in the 2020 documentary #TigerKing” on #Netflix, and the 2020 one-hour show “The Truth Behind Joe Exotic: The Rick Kirkham Story” released by the Discovery ID channel.


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I am an author in the process of writing my memoir. I want to share my writing with you, before the editing process and before I am even finished writing my book.

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