Episode 91: November 29 2020 with guest Steve Hofstetter

Steve Hofstetter is a standup comedian with over 150 million views on YouTube and 600,000 subscribers as well as over 500 million views on Facebook and 500,000 followers. His book “Ginger Kid” was a top 5 pick on Amazon. Steve has also appeared on CBS’ “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson”, Showtime’s “White Boyz in the Hood”, VH1’s “Countdown”, Sundance’s “On the Road in America”, and ABC’s “Barbara Walter’s Special”. He is executive producer of “Laughs” on Fox networks.

Steve was driving from Phoenix, Arizona and was on his way to Los Angeles, California when he and I spoke for this episode. We talked about standup comedy, of course, but we also discussed his journalism background, mentorship, dealing with hecklers when on stage, and how politics and comedy juxtapose. I asked Steve about the “Nowhere Comedy Club”, which was founded by Steve and comedian Ben Gleib.

Steve also told me a very interesting and revealing story about an incident with Michael Richards, which caused me to reevaluate my judgement of Richards in relation to his 2006 standup performance at the Laugh Factory comedy club in late 2006. The world saw what it saw when an iPhone video was published of him launching into an expletive-laced racist tirade, but Steve’s story about something he experienced with Michael Richards before the 2006 incident really moved me and changed my thoughts on Michael’ Laugh Factory episode. Listen up folks, and tell me how you feel.

Much thanks to Steve Hofstetter for sharing his time with me. As Mark Normand would say: “Jews and Blacks!”






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