Episode 94: December 9 2020 with guest Doctor Les Jones DBA, MBA, BGS

Doctor Les Jones is a former police officer and has a Bachelor’s in General Studies Concentration, Master’s in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Healthcare Information Systems, and a Doctorate in Business Administration and Leadership Concentration. He also breeds English Bulldogs. Les is currently an Adjunct Instructor at Kent State University and and Adjunct Professor at the historically black liberal arts college Knoxville College. Doctor Les Jones has an inspiring life story. We talk about how he rose from a 1.9 grade point average to a 3.8 average, as he became the first in his family to ever go to college. The road was not paved in silk for Les in any way, either. His childhood was influenced by abuse, neglect and drug abuse in his household, and he was sent away from home at the age of fifteen to go to school alone and basically raise himself.  Please listen and enjoy his story as he tells it to me.

Read Doctor Jones’ thesis here.






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