Episode 99: December 29 2020 Solo with a Sip of Snoopy

Today, I have Snoopy on the mic as my guest, and she’s pulled up to my studio desk with some fake Norwegian Gløgg. The one hundred year old sheepskin that she wants to use for our bedsheet, however, is quite real. True story!

In between some of my random riffing and romance, Snoopy challenges people to go to my YouTube channel and follow my podcast, but only if they like me. That would have been a great clip to use for advertisement, but Snoopy didn’t even know the name of my podcast. Terrible.

We talk about Snoopy’s rather rough introduction to American job life back in the day when she was a new Norwegian immigrant to the USA. For her first job there, she worked at a health clinic in a Chicago-area ghetto. She quit after about a week. Her her next job was at a funeral home. Listen to her story about how these jobs challenged her usage of the Metric System and the English language, and led her to being escorted out of a Chicago ghetto by the police.

P.S. Snoopy was  my technical assistant for this episode, so the sloppy sign-off is her fault. She couldn’t reach the button that stops the recording. She has stubby arms.

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