The Comin’ Home Podcast With John Alan episode 112 with my guest Thomas Erik Olsen

People who have been incarcerated are very few and far between, and those who have been incarcerated in both the USA and Norway are even fewer. Watch and listen as Thomas Erik Olsen tells me his story of dual citizenship (USA and Norway), issues with violence and temper control which led to his first incarceration in Florida, and on to his return to Norway and eventual incarceration and freedom in Norway.

His story ends with a positive turn of fortune and a new personal awareness for Thomas, and at the airing of this episode of #TheCominHomePodcastWithJohnAlan, he is in a good place (not in prison!). Please watch and/or listen to the end in order to hear how he is doing.

One of the reasons I produce The Comin’ Home Podcast With John Alan is to find hope and motivation for myself, in order to hopefully be stronger and in a better place from which I can help others. I also hope that you, my viewer and listener, can find inspiration, hope, or something that can enrich your life. It meant a lot for me to have Thomas Erik Olsen as my guest for this episode, and I think that comes across. There is a lot of inspiration in this conversation. Please check it out and enjoy it. Send it on to others who you think can benefit, and please give me some feedback through YouTube or at

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