9 June 2020

It all started with one podcast episode.

You can check it out here.

I was alone on the mic’ and I poured my heart out.

I spoke for about 40 minutes and people listened. Things started to happen.

First there was a radio interview. Then there was a television camera crew and journalist in my home.

People were listening.

For years, I have felt that people here in Norway don’t really “get it”. This country is very white by a vast majority, so what do they know about racism? Why would they even care to listen to me about what I know about racism?

I plan on writing and podcasting about those two questions in the near future, but for now, I will just try to deal with the current media attention.

- John Alan

I am a podcaster, writer, radio show host, standup comedian, singer-songwriter, cartoon strip designer and author, life and wellness coach, and champion powerlifter.

Sometimes I get tired.

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- John Alan

John Alan's Work in Progress

I am an author in the process of writing my memoir. I want to share my writing with you, before the editing process and before I am even finished writing my book.

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