2 November 2020

It’s me. The creator, host and voice of The Comin’ Home Podcast With John Alan. It’s late, and I’m too tired to talk, so I’m writing a quick entry here for those of you who are interested in my little corner of the podcast world. It’s not often that I dedicate an entire episode to political or social issues, but I will be doing exactly that in the coming days. With you being the reasonable human being that I think you are, I am sure you won’t get upset with me going rogue. You can handle some serious talk about serious issues, can’t you? Sure you can.We are in the middle of quite a unique situation in the USA at the moment, and I feel the need to express myself with a podcast episode that I dedicate to the current political and social situation in the Land of the Free. I will produce and post my rantings and post a podcast episode when I have some down time between a few radio appearances on Tuesday and Wednesday.Wait… I said radio appearances, didn’t I?  Well, ok… so, it’s not possible to appear on a radio. That’s a fact. But hey, who cares about sticking to the facts these days? I do. Well get into it on the upcoming podcast episode.Take care everyone. Love yourselves.

I am a podcaster, writer, radio show host, standup comedian, singer-songwriter, cartoon strip designer and author, life and wellness coach, and champion powerlifter.

Sometimes I get tired.

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- John Alan

John Alan's Work in Progress

I am an author in the process of writing my memoir. I want to share my writing with you, before the editing process and before I am even finished writing my book.

I want to read to you and for you.